X Marks The Spot – apparently that spot is at Canwood Gallery

RRA Architects > X Marks The Spot – apparently that spot is at Canwood Gallery

June 21, 2018 / By admin

The RRA designed Canwood Gallery, a wonderful venue nestled deep within rural Herefordshire with the feel of a secret location, hosted a temporary exhibition at the end of April;

 ‘X Marks the Spot’ of a secluded Herefordshire idyll where, during April this year, a diverse group of emerging artists have organised, marketed and installed an exhibition of their work. ‘X Marks the Spot’ where you can explore an array of multi-media Fine Art across three unique exhibition spaces.

Although X marks is a geographical location it also marks a point in time for these up-and-coming artists as they embark upon career paths likely to be as diverse as their work. They want you to experience their art and celebrate with them this particular point in space and time – ‘X Marks the Spot’.

Artists include: Ellen Audrey, Rachel Barnett, Richard Branczik, Sandy Brooks, Roger Fuller, Kate Green, Kate Harvey, Ali Hughes, Joe Jackson, Lady Mel, Omar Majeed, David Saunders, Susan Stevens-Jenkins, Richard Vine, Anna Ward, Justine-Diane Winter, Naomi Wood.

 Canwood Lge 2 1280x960

RRA completed the Canwood Gallery project in 2016 following a brief to convert a series of existing agricultural buildings including a stone barn and a standard portal shed into an art gallery and hospitality venue.

This highly successful project has resulted in a wonderful space which is available for use by the local community. It is also a green gallery providing it’s own electricity via solar panels and it is heated via a ground source heat pump.

Canwood Gallery was set up with the goal of exhibiting thought provoking art within the beautiful and inspiring countryside of Herefordshire. It is now run as a non-for-profit gallery, hospitality venue and film venue. Although the ‘X Marks The Spot’ exhibition has now finished Canwood Gallery has an impressive collection of artworks and sculpture in 10 acres of breathtaking land.



In 1970’s the gallery owner, then a farmer, became critically ill with leukemia, and was sent down to Bart’s hospital in London, to take part in a medical trial as a last ditch attempt to try and save his life. In between some pretty severe treatments, including radiation and mustard gas amongst many others, he decided to venture out and took a black cab and asked where he could go to see something different.  The driver took him to the Tate and refused to take any fee.  Upon walking into the Tate the first thing he saw and found great inspiration in was the controversial Carl Andre’s bricks.  It was the first of many visits.  Whether it was the inspiration from art or the treatment, or both, he was the only person in his batch of 12 to survive to this day.

It has always been his desire to give something back and to build a gallery in Herefordshire where people could experience interesting art for free.



To find out more about the beautiful Canwood Gallery click here.

To find out more about RRA’s project click here.





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