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June 19, 2018 / By admin


Congratulations to Gloucester Rugby on their triumphant 46-26 scoreline against Cardiff on the 1st April. It was a phenomenal match with virtually non-stop action from both sides, particularly when the Cherry and Whites stormed away with try after try in the last 30 minutes of the game.

Next match will be against Stade Rochelais in La Rochelle on 22nd April.

It was a pretty special game for RRA too who have just signed a sponsorship deal running into 2018.

Premiering at the match was RRA’s new animated advert (above) publicising our involvement with the club and promoting the more commercial side of RRA. We would like to thank Elonex Outdoor media for helping us with it’s creation.

Glos Rugby 2 Lge 1280x960

Following the Cardiff match Managing Director, Mark Powles, met our sponsored player Tom Denton for the first time.

“Tom was sat down when I was introduced, but stood up for the photo together” recounted Mark, “I wasn’t quite prepared for the height difference!” Mark later confessed he was actually standing on tiptoes in the photo above.

28 year old Tom is 6’ 6” making him one of the tallest players in the squad. Moving to Gloucester was a easy decision for Tom who, when asked about joining the club, says, “I think there is a winning mentality here.”

Glos Rugby 1 Lge 1280x960


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