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June 9, 2018 / By admin

Earth sheltered eco-house located adjacent to Reptons landscape at Mordiford


This will be the first earth sheltered home, not only located adjacent to an area of outstanding beauty, but located within a wider parkland setting of a landscape designed by Repton.
RRA has secured planning permission for a groundbreaking eco-house to be built within the boundaries of the wider parkland setting of a Repton landscape, in the Herefordshire countryside located in Mordiford.
After almost 12 months of deliberations, and thanks to RRA’s planning expertise, Herefordshire Council gave the go-ahead for the innovative earth sheltered house to be built within a steep slope along the river Lugg on 7th Oct 15. The house is set to be Herefordshire’s first eco-home to be built in such a sensitive landscape setting.
The earth-sheltered house is set below ground level within a bank adjacent to the settlement of Mordiford and incorporates green walls, reflective mirrored panels and even a stable for the clients pet horse.
The house will be flooded with daylight via a large cantilevered glass box living space positioned on the west elevation of the building.
It also incorporates local touches, with a rubble stonewall from the surroundings and planting for the green walls will source species from the local habitat.

The Architect’s View
Design Director at RRA Garry Thomas says:

‘we have become adept at securing planning permissions for one off houses in difficult open countryside locations.’
‘It was important that the design at Mordiford was seen to generate elements of the landscape found surrounding the site: the steep slope to the river Lugg, the materiality of the neighbouring area and the prominence of the Repton landscape, all of this helped to secure the planning permission for our client.’
‘The extensive planning reporting necessary to secure the planning permission, demonstrated that the new building sits harmoniously within the setting of Sufton Court and the surrounding picturesque landscape, which is incorporated into the design.’
‘In the end, it was excellent design quality and overwhelming evidence submitted in support of the scheme, which convinced the planning committee to approve the scheme.’
‘The proposal follows the chronology of existing buildings that can be observed along the river bank, with this contemporary 21st century addition inserted to complete the chronology. Green walls and reflective glass have been chosen to reflect the light and compliment the surrounding landscape character and setting. New trees will be planted to restore part of the historic parkland setting to the west boundary and an open view to the Mordiford bridge will be maintained to ensure Repton’s picturesque vista to Sufton Court is maintained.’


Earth sheltered eco-house with green walls and a reflective mirrored surface

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