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May 11, 2018 / By admin

Cranham Street Rear Extension SpaceThis substantial home in Regency Cheltenham has been transformed following RRA architects involvement to secure planning for our Client.

The existing property consisted of a large Georgian styled villa on Cranham Road, which was in need of refurbishment, and modernisation, to bring the property up to contemporary living standards. An existing large rear garden space meant that the project was crying out for a scheme that could create inside-outside living.

Given awkward level changes and proportions of the Georgian villa, RRA assisted the Client to produce a scheme that not only opened up the kitchen and dining spaces into the garden and terrace area, but worked with the proportions of the villa.

The scheme includes underfloor heating, a cinema room and a gym, improved internal circulation, along with a whole host of other sumptuous features to make this substantial house a home.

The secret to the projects success is the roll back doors that connect the Georgian villa directly with nature – so even on a sunny winters day it is possible to dine out doors.

The villa is currently on the market with Savills of Cheltenham

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