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June 25, 2018 / By admin

Over the last few years we have been working with Canwood Gallery a non-for-profit gallery set up with the goal of exhibiting thought provoking art within the beautiful and inspiring countryside of Herefordshire and whose profits will be donated to St Bart’s hospital.

The gallery owner, a retired farmer, became critically ill with leukemia as a young man and was sent down to Bart’s hospital in London, to take part in a medical trial as a last ditch attempt to try and save his life. In between some pretty severe treatments, including radiation and mustard gas amongst many others, he decided to venture out and took a black cab and asked where he could go to see something different.  The driver took him to the Tate and refused to take any fee.  Upon walking into the Tate the first thing he saw and found great inspiration in was the controversial Carl Andre’s bricks.  It was the first of many visits.  Whether it was the inspiration from art or the treatment, or both, he was the only person in his batch of 12 to survive to this day.

It has always been our clients desire to give something back and to build a gallery in Herefordshire where people could experience interesting art for free.

Not only is the gallery and gallery owner inspiring, it is a very “green” building, providing it’s own electricity via solar panels and it is heated via a ground source heat pump, in addition it makes good use of redundant farm buildings, as such it is a very sustainable project.

Our client has ensured local suppliers and tradesman have worked on the project, and with an international reputation, visitors will be drawn from far-a-field to this thought provoking space, located in some of Herefordshire’s best rural landscape.

The gallery will be open as part of Herefordshire Art Week and if you would like to find out more about the gallery and visit the collection you can find all the contacts you need here


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