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April 5, 2018 / By admin

We consider the economic recovery, and examine government’s attempts to get people to afford their own homes through self-build.

RRA Director, Garry Thomas, attended Hay Festival this month to encourage Mary Portas to take on board the fiscal and legal barriers, which currently prevents the regeneration of Britain’s high-streets. Portas Pilots are a nationwide initiative to help kick-start a recovery on the High-Street to counter the damaging effect of out-of-town and edge-of-centre retail development.

Garry encouraged Portas by suggesting…’so much business is being done outside the city centre and online, that [Portas] should encourage government to look at other ways to tax business, now being done outside of city centres, giving the High-Street a chance to survive”.

Mary stated that a retreat from the High-Street was in part due to the fact that chain stores are now opening their second store online – will this mean we will see retail retreat from major urban centres and the High-Street ? Will city centres now be about the independents and specialist retail?

What are your thoughts?

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