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April 17, 2018 / By admin

The RRA Inspired magazine app has been downloaded globally – have you obtained your copy yet?
The app is specifically created to take design, travel and architectural content, and expand it. Unlike printed magazines, the app goes beyond flat-page reading, instead presenting something that is multi-layered, expansive and revolutionary. It faithfully reproduces RRA project content – but adds floating text over high-definition photographs, exciting product information, smoothly animated models, picture galleries, videos and full-screen 360-degree visualisations.
This product will genuinely enhance RRA’s communication highlighting what we do, and who we work with, bringing the excitement of RRA design further to life.
The RRA Inspired app can be downloaded completely free of charge at Apple’s App Store.Click the link here.
If you are interested in placing your product information or exciting design content within our app contact the office.

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