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RRA Architects enjoyed a most informative CPD presentation by roof terrace experts, RAAFT

May 23, 2023 / By rachel

In a bid to explore innovative design solutions for urban landscapes, RAAFT, a leading firm in sustainable and green design, recently delivered a captivating Continuing Professional Development (CPD) presentation on roof terraces to the RRA Architects team. The presentation highlighted the potential of incorporating green spaces atop buildings. 

There are numerous benefits and design possibilities offered by roof terraces, which have become increasingly popular as space becomes more of a premium in our towns and cities. RAAFT’s employs a holistic approach to sustainability, creating environmentally conscious structures to enhance the quality of urban living. 

The multifaceted advantages of roof terraces include the mental and physical health benefits of having access to vibrant green spaces, along side fostering biodiversity and reducing urban heat island effects. Moreover, RAAFT’s experts shared their knowledge on integrating renewable energy systems, rainwater harvesting techniques, and vertical gardening solutions, thus demonstrating the potential of roof terraces to contribute to a building’s energy efficiency and water management strategies. 

As the architectural industry continues to evolve, the transformative potential of roof terraces showcased by RAAFT promises to shape the future of sustainable architecture and redefine our cities for the better. 


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