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January 16, 2021 / By admin

At RRA, we appreciate that we are very fortunate to be able to work from home with relative ease, but we do understand that the changes present significant challenges for many other businesses. However, lockdown also brought some positive benefits including the increased community spirit in many areas, real appreciation of key workers and the dramatic reduction in pollution. As a direct result of the visible effects of less pollution the electric car market has boomed and, at RRA we decided to bring forward our plans to change to a more sustainable vehicle.

RRA Architects new company car. As a sustainable company we have chosen to swap our gas guzzlers for a cleaner electric vehicle.
As a sustainable company we have chosen to swap our gas guzzlers for a cleaner electric vehicle.

Consequently, we have welcomed a new electrical addition to the RRA Team. As a company with a strong sustainability ethos it was an easy decision to start the move away from gas guzzling cars to an electric vehicle. After some considerable research and test driving various options we chose a Tesla and have been very impressed to date.

However, Tesla only produce the cars in 5 colours, white, black, grey, red or blue – none of which look even remotely like our corporate colour. So, we would like to thank Cheltenham company, Adept Wrapping, who were responsible for the awesome orange wrap.

RRA Architects new company car. As a sustainable company we have chosen to swap our gas guzzlers for a cleaner electric vehicle.

We would also like to thank ePark Solutions and the Frocester Group for the very neat installation of the highly efficient Wallbox Pulsar Plus charger. The installation was not in the easiest of situations but the installer, Andy Davis, went above and beyond to conceal all the cables. For anyone looking at installing a charger we can’t recommend this team highly enough – professional, helpful, knowledgeble, clean and tidy.

So, if you see our new Orange Tesla driving around be sure to give us a wave.


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