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Steffany Hancock
Office Coordinator and PA to the Directors

I was born in Gloucester and have always been a home bird. I ventured to London in my early twenties and lived there for three years to continue a career in the hospitality industry. To my disappointment it was just not for me, the rat race of busy London was a far cry from the beautiful boutique hotel I used to work for in the heart of Cheltenham.

What’s your proudest moment in your working life?

After returning home I found my feet again in the stunning grounds of Hartpury College and built up my PA and administration skills for seven years. It wasn’t until I started a young family of my own that I realised I needed a change, that’s when I discovered RRA Architects. I had a unique start and one I will never forget, as my first day working for RRA was the first day of national lockdown in March 2020. I found myself in a makeshift office in my spare bedroom, learning a new job completely from home via various teams calls and screen sharing. A whole new world to myself and many others, I had a one-year-old running around me, my fiancé also working from home continuously on calls in the garden, both of us tag teaming to look after our little one and debating who will be taking the dog out for our one walk each day. The support I received from the team at RRA architects was truly amazing and I felt so fortunate, and still do, to work for a company which truly has its staff at the heart of the company.

 What’s your proudest moment in your working life?

One of my proudest career moments would be learning a new job in a new industry, one I had never worked in before; and all from home during a national lockdown. I have also always felt proud of my experience in London as I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone and certainly learnt a lot of life skills and made some incredible friends.

What are you most proud of doing or achieving in your life overall?

My proudest moment in my personal life is by far raising my little girl.

What did you like about lockdown?

Lockdown for me will always be something I will reflect on as a time where we all had to pull together, we found a new appreciation for the simple things in life and certainly in the first wave of lockdown our sunny walks became the highlight of our days. It was a personal highlight for me to watch my fiancé spend so much time with our one year old, a time that he would have never been able to experience if he wasn’t at home. We made dens, went on walks, built snowmen, fed the birds, made friends with neighbours and all had a birthday celebration in lockdown waiting for doorstep visits.

What did you hate about lockdown?

Despite these lovely moments I will always remember, one year of lockdown is quite enough for me! And as many people got fit, baked, learnt a new language, I collapsed on the bed each evening, exhausted from the constant juggling and the thought of having to do it all over again come the next morning.

What am I most looking forward to coming out of Lockdown?

I am most looking forward to trips away with my family again, mainly to Cornwall which will always be one of my favourite places in the world and where I would love to live one day.

What do you hope people think about you?

I hope people like me for my kindness, honesty, sense of humour and my slight OCD tendencies with organisation!


RRA Architects Steffany Hancock working from home after starting her new job during lockdown 2020