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Portland Square

May 12, 2021 / By admin

Located in Cheltenham’s trendy Pittville area was a very tired one-bed flat, with draughty windows, decrepid wiring and an old bathroom positioned at the end of the kitchen. Our clients wished to re-model the flat to improve the layout and maximise the value. On visiting the property we discovered the old staircase to the basement […]

Castelnau – Glass Innovations

May 24, 2018 / By admin

The interior remodelling introduces a simple new broken-plan arrangement and restores the coachhouse while the simple form of the glazed structure to the rear delivers a striking example of contemporary, transparent architecture and introduces new flexible living spaces while allowing daylight to flood into this substantial London house. The landscaped gardens, which are partially sunken, [...]


May 24, 2018 / By admin

We embraced these design constraints to an innovate a luxury subterranean home for our client. The design is a two-storey L-shaped courtyard house, over two levels – the lower level being a subterranean excavation to maximise the value of the site; the upper level is a courtyard and living space behind the garden and mural [...]