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We believe BIM processes will improve collaboration, coordination and quality in the design, procurement and management of buildings and infrastructure. Through the use of BIM, we are targeting a more inclusive, integrated and complete design process and more intelligent use of digital information to add value, reduce risk and improve product and service quality for our clients.

We have established BIM expertise and protocols including standards based on the AEC (UK) BIM Standards for Vectorworks and a portfolio of completed projects from concept design stage to full construction documentation.

Increasingly we are connecting with other BIM capable consultants to explore Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) processes including the use of copy monitor techniques for architectural and engineering coordination and model exchange for environmental analysis.

limited to the architectural and engineering design delivery and we are committed to engaging with our clients to explore the downstream potential of BIM, for example improving accuracy and speed of information delivery for measurement and costing and 4D graphics support to construction phasing and logistics planning. RRA has committed to a fast track training and project implementation programme to achieve a progressive switch over to full BIM service delivery by year end 2015.

For clients, benefits include:

  • Early design prototyping to show how a project will look and operate – helping to speed up the approval process
  • Easy modelling of various options and the assessment of the impact of each choice
  • Reduced energy use and carbon production through life-cycle modelling
  • Optimal solutions that reduce design, construction and operational costs
  • Provision of data that can be integrated with facilities management programmes to ensure a comprehensive set of asset data is readily available on handover