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April 5, 2019 / By admin

At RRA, we believe it is important for businesses and industries to encourage the next generation to make informed career choices. As such we regularly have work experience students in our offices. They don’t have an easy ride at RRA, the students are expected to work alongside our team to really understand what the job role involves. Along with experiencing the demands of the career it also gives the students experience of life in an office environment and interactions with visitors and clients, including building site visits. Hopefully this helps them decide what options they do want to pursue, or, more importantly, what they don’t!

In April we were lucky enough to have Michaela and Alisha with us who were both a real pleasure to have in our Gloucestershire office. According to Michaela, “this week was incredibly helpful and eye opening to a career choice in architecture. The projects were difficult but satisfying to complete and I hope to use the knowledge and experience I have gained to help me in choosing a career path.”

The girls not only saw what our team does in a week, but they were also given ‘homework’ to survey their own homes, which they then drew up with our professional software. Alisha progressed this, into designing a two storey extension for her house which the family are now considering. Alisha found the weeks experience “very enjoyable,” and she said it was “a good opportunity to see if I want to pursue this as a career.” Alisha is hoping to continue studying architecture in the future and Michaela wants to move into design, so ‘watch this space’ you might see these faces again in the future.


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