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September 17, 2020 / By admin

Despite the tricky situation with Covid-19, Ducketts Trusted Advisors and ABGI-UK still managed to pull off yet another very successful Charity Golf Day.

Along with the support of many local businessmen and woman, the sun also turned up to make this a most enjoyable, and very warm, afternoon of golf at Burghill Valley Golf Club. Our RRA team of  Tom Froggatt, Oliver Smith and Mark Powles joined forces with Matt Tompkins of Tompkins Thomas Planning. RRA’s Associate, Tom, even won the giant bottle of Chase Distillery Gin and we all love our complimentary, very topical Ducketts EBITDAC mugs (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, amortisation and coronavirus 😂).

Charity day host, Mick Merrick of ABGi-UK with team of RRA's Tom Froggatt, Mark Powles and Oliver Smith with Matt Tompkins of Tompkins Thomas Planning.
Charity day host, Mick Merrick of ABGI-UK with team of RRA’s Tom Froggatt, Mark Powles and Oliver Smith with Matt Tompkins of Tompkins Thomas Planning.


All-in-all a brilliant day in aid of two fabulous Herefordshire charities:

The Cart Shed, which provides support to individuals in a woodland setting,

And, Megan Baker House, an educational centre for children and adults with motor difficulties.

RRA would like to say a big Thank You to Ducketts Trusted Advisors and ABGI-UK for organising such a great event, we are happy to support such worthwhile causes and we are looking forward to next years already!



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