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When you need to understand the constraints of a site, how much it can be developed, and gauge its potential impact, RRA help you to create the vision and opportunity for your site. RRA’s Pre-Planning services can include: Local Visibility studies, Building Envelope analysis and Interactive Online Simulation.


Now that you have a development designed and you just need to get it through the lengthy and thorough planning process you need reliable visualisation. RRA has many years of experience in this area and offers an extensive range of services, in-house, or in collaboration, which include Viewing Corridor analysis, Accurate Visual Representations and Landscape and Impact Assessment and Townscape View Impact Assessment documents.

Sales & Marketing

Our experience of the construction industry means we understand a buildings marketing strategy, sales and effective visual communication strategy we will come up with ideas that will generate interest in your project, and deliver those ideas in the most effective format. Working in-house, or in collaboration, we can deliver film, still image or web contact to help you market your project.

A sample of a 3d visual for a home remodelling and extension